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Unknown and reality theorem(World History and hidden world history)
Does anyone remember the solar eclipse in 2004? Destruction and disaster gathered by the tidal gravitational effect after the 1999 earthquake. We call it different terms. However, if we explain the tour of the world around the sun in the solar system with the world theory we know, the concept of 1 year, that is, the eclipse in 2004, as it is supposed, despite the decades of history in our world, brings the climate crisis with it in a humorous short time leaves no other answer. It is really misleading to think that the solar eclipse is a minute eclipse, something that will cause decades is either not understood or interpreted differently with simple theorems. Just as there will be no consecutive lunar eclipses, such an illusion would be nonsense in the solar system anyway. Also, don't they have funny names, and that's another comedy (blood moon eclipse etc.) There is a lot to learn. There is a little bit of process left, we guess, after a breaking point, everything seems to be okay. We just need to change our stance on conscious and educated or awareness...

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Continuity-Loop theory.

Nothing in nature was created out of nothing. Nothing disappears by itself. The effect of one knowledge on another, one teaching on another, is the best example of the concept of continuity. The healthy development of a healthy person from childhood to development; family cohesion, regular nutrition, activity and education and order theory for their development.. Each individual carries the accumulation of his generation. Upbringing opportunities and environmental factors only cause problems in communication.

Lifelong learning.. It is a need that directs our lives, like our daily eating habits in education. It is a need that directs our lives as well as our social activities. changes, others change too. Effective communication, order and environment impose an ever-increasing responsibility on us. As you go to the top, one gets lonely. That's why lifelong learning is very important to us, we should always be sincere and sincere, in a balanced and proportional way. At this point, to those who say what is the measure ratio, my friend; What you can add to yourself...
There is a family in the theory of everything. Man is in a state of need, as is the cycle of nature.

What is Periscope?

Periscopes, which have an optical mechanism, provide viewing angles by using prisms. Although it has different usage areas, its most extensive usage is in submarines. The periscope, which is a very useful tool especially because it allows the submarines moving completely under the sea to see the movements on the surface of the water, consists of a long pipe and provides an image when this pipe extends to the water surface.

The rays coming from the sea surface to the periscope frame are refracted at an angle of 90 degrees thanks to the beam mirror inside the periscope, and the refracted light descends through the periscope tube. Thanks to a mirror on the bottom, this light is refracted and descends and the rays are transmitted to the eye. These 90 degree refractions allow the view of the sea surface to be seen.